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Some classes need B slot to function properly (as in, they need more than the default 4 at one given time). Yes you can swithc between skills mid dungeon, but that causes the skill to go on cooldown. Some classes like EM need those skills available at all times to play reasonably well.

What is this game anymore? : elsword - Free skill slot B, free quick slot, free costumes, free accessories, free skill cut-ins, free mounts and pets (sometimes), free sage stones (pretty often), free consumables, and a lot of game modes to play (even if Ereda is empty most of the times, normal pvp has gotten better recently and now it's more popular than before) that give really ... List of Elsword classes and characters - Wikipedia Elsword (Hangul: 엘소드), or Els (エルス, Erusu) in the Japanese server, is the title character and a Knight. An ambitious but hot-headed young swordsman, he was trained by the commander of the Crimson Knights—his older sister—Elesis. Prior to the start of the game, Elesis left Elsword to lead a mission, never to return. Elsword Skill points can be independently distributed on the skill pages, i.e. different skills can be unlocked and then improved on. Only one page can be active and in use. For every skill page you will have the full amount of skill points available. The 'Gnosis Blessing' correspondingly works on all pages. Elsword B Slot Trade - TURBO SERVIS NIS Don't miss out on your FREE Permanent Skill Slot Change Medal if you haven't received yours yet! Also keep in ...

You'll also get a free B-Slot for 15 and 30 days, for the first and second job change respectively. Same goes for the Experience Booster and the additional skill points you can purchase from Item Mall (or, for the latter, exchanging rare items from an NPC). As well as the Mana Necklace (which gives you more mana from attacks) if you get it from ... [Update] Elsword Void Private Server 2018 ~ ROLYPOLYZ SHARE elsword, elsword private server, ... B Slot and Transcendence Skill Slot; ... QUEST EPS 2 (FUTURE SHILTZ QUEST) *Masa Depan Shiltz Berbicaralah dengan NPC Beorin ... 엘소드 Elsword KR -English -

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Играйте в SkillQuest 2, бесплатную онлайн игру на! Кликните сейчас, чтобы играть в SkillQuest 2. Наслаждайтесь наилучшими играми, относящимися к SkillQuest 2... List of Elsword classes and characters - Wikipedia The list of classes and characters in South Korean MMORPG 2.5D side scrolling Elsword, developed by KOG and published by Nexon. In the world of Elsword, players are able to choose classes by choosing a character, each with their own backgrounds and characteristics.

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6. Use skill 10 times to get 30 days skill slot. Use q.slot 5 times to get 30 days quick slot. 7. Crafting materials for Note of Oblivion in the picture. 8. From today till 10th August, login 10mins to get a PERMANENT B slot. Per server. 9. Bingo event begins. Hover over the numbers to see which quest you want to do. You can clear 3 quest daily. List of Elsword classes and characters - Wikipedia The list of classes and characters in South Korean MMORPG 2.5D side scrolling Elsword, ... During Destruction Aura, certain commands and skills have an increased ..... chain Actives and Special Actives with ease, even if that skill is not in the skill slot. .... Hagus - Chief of Ruben Village; gives several quests to warriors and ...